Why Participate in SGiX?

Infrastructure is critical for our economic and societal well-being. Infrastructure investment decisions are highly complex. Making the right investment allocation decisions is crucial. Making the wrong ones hurts all of us.

The challenges are bigger than one individual. What if we banded together and shared our knowledge and experience?

We can, using the business processes of the future, today.

Save time. The Smart Grid is complicated. Leverage the Smart Grid community's knowledge.

We provide a high-productivity environment. You can do the work that you were already going to do, but with faster cycles and solutions, reduced coordination time, access to experts, avoidance of duplication/re-inventing the wheel, no travel, and higher innovation potential.

Engagement in SGIX is free. The information presented on this web-site is free. The solutions developed on-site by the community are community property (Creative Commons). We are confident that the value of accessing and engaging with others in your Smart Grid community and being involved in solutions development will more than compensate you for your active participation.

The value of a network will exceed the value of the individuals in it. Each incremental member brings knowledge to the network. Knowledge is also created continuously as the community develops new ideas and solves problems. Value grows exponentially.

SGIX provides an opportunity for personal brand-building. Each community member will be visible as he/she interacts/networks with peers in on-line dialogs. We plan to provide personal work-spaces and profile development on-site in the future.

As a corporation, why should I get involved?: On-line collaboration will happen in your markets whether or not you choose to embrace it. Counter-intuitively, it is an essential part of future competitive strategy. A significant number of progressive corporations have embraced it.

Corporate benefits are many, but are dominated by the productivity acceleration in knowledge workers. This benefit has been measured recently by McKinsey in the range of 13 – 14%, the total gain being valued at about $35,000 per knowledge worker per year.

Intellectual property can be protected by using private, on-line “rooms”. SGIX has a strict privacy policy.

The Smart Grid presents numerous entrepreneurial opportunities. We will post business cases regularly describing these, and provide tools and standard formats to support business plan development.

It is your community. We encourage suggestions at any time from community members on ways to improve our process, platform, applications, and deliverables, as well as nominations for new business cases meriting collaborative development.

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