Entrepreneurs’ Tools

Some of the Smart Grid 2.0 business cases nominated and being assessed collaboratively at SGiX involve new opportunities, equivalent to start-up and early-stage companies.

As such, our community dialog provides an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to identify new business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs can also provide leadership at SGiX in assessing the pros/cons of business cases, and identify and engage with potential management team members here.

Entrepreneurs can nominate new business ideas for collaborative on-line assessment by the Smart Grid community, subject to a minimum quorum of participants/commentators.

Customized Business Case Services

Dr. Geraghty also provides customized consulting services off-line related to the development and analysis of SG-related business cases – see here.

Basic Tools/Standard Formats (Freely Available to All)

To support such entrepreneurs, SGiX provides some free basic tools/standard formats for evaluating, presenting and launching new businesses, as follows:

  • Business opportunities can be identified on-site based on the BizCase Dialog, or nominated by the entrepreneur
  • The SGiX process provides a productive way to scope out the opportunity based on the smart community’s ongoing collaborative assessments
  • We provide a format for the initial development of the business case
  • Our collaborative business case assessment process allows potential team members to be identified or to self-identify
  • SGiX’s archives provide business and market intelligence

Advanced Tools/Formats (Available to Members)

Advanced tools/formats are available in our Membership section as follows:

  • Advanced formats and resources addressing elements of the business plan:
    • Business plan content requirements
    • Financial forecast methodology, including a net cash flow model, and choice of risk-adjusted discount rate
  • Advanced formats and resources related to capital structure:
    • Valuation approaches, including seed stage companies
    • Stock price forecasting (at your own risk!) through successive financing rounds, based on financial forecasts
    • Capitalization table elements
    • Allocation of founder’s equity and incentive equity planning
  • Advanced formats and resources related to raising capital:
    • Investor presentation
    • Term sheet elements
    • Sources of financing/criteria used
    • Due diligence check-list
  • Registry of investment funds with Smart Grid domain expertise

Private On-Site Rooms

SGiX can also provide private rooms to entrepreneur-members where a less-public collaboration process can be managed. An on-line “Form of NDA” is available to entrepreneurs if desired. Working collaboratively on-line using the facilities provided by SGiX can be highly productive, low-cost, and fast.

Community Suggestions for Additional Tools

Ideas and suggestions for additional entrepreneurial tools, and for improving our approach for supporting entrepreneurs, would be appreciated and can be posted below in the Comment box or on our Suggestions page.

In the spirit of our open-source philosophy, our basic formats are free, but please post acknowledgements of their use at SGiX and in other forums!


A legitimate concern for entrepreneurs in terms of nominating their own new business ideas for collaborative evaluation is that their ideas may be “stolen”.

Would-be entrepreneurs have to balance the benefits of accessing the expertise and experience of the community against the downside of this risk. In many cases, the secret sauce/Intellectual Property (IP) may not need to be revealed in order to get a useful business case assessment, and in other cases, the real competitive advantage will be associated with excellence of business plan execution, rather than secret knowledge.

SGiX takes no responsibility and undertakes no liability whatsoever in this matter (see Terms of Service), and we also follow a strict Privacy Policy.

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