Our organizational approach is“inside/outside” collaboration. “Inside” is the SGiX team that manages content, collaboration and membership, poses the initial problems and arranges for subsequent scenario simulations. “Outside” is the community of SGiX members/Smart Grid professionals working collaboratively with the “inside” team on solving these key problems, managing projects and proposing additional problems.

Team and Advisors

DSC_0050Dom Geraghty, a power industry veteran, leads SGiX as its CEO and Managing Editor. He is also Team Lead of the Smart Grid Testbed Program at the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).  He served as the CEO and President of Tantalus Systems Corporation, and as Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development of Catalytica Energy Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CESI), heading up M&A activities. Dom co-founded Enerwise Global Technologies, an enterprise energy management solutions provider, where he was co-CEO. In the early days of the Internet, he founded, an e-commerce company focused on developing premium power solutions for the power generation industry.

Dr. Geraghty has been personally involved in developing and evaluating business cases for various Smart Grid 1.0 and Smart Grid 2.0 businesses since 1990, which is the core activity of SGiX. He has worked in the energy sector, mostly in the electricity sector, for over 30 years. Since 1995, he has been working in the Smart Grid sector. He spent over a decade at the Electric Power Research Institute where he rose from research program management to general management. He has been a general partner at a venture capital (VC) fund and a full-time senior consultant in a $1 billion private equity fund, both focused solely on energy deals. As an entrepreneur, he headed up start-up and early stage companies as CEO, President or Executive Chairman. He was President, Genesis Services, a division of Itron (NASDAQ: ITRI). In his executive roles, he has been responsible for M&A activities and assembling senior executive teams. He has personally written numerous business plans, and conducted due diligence on scores of VC-backed companies. Over the years, he has raised over $300 million in venture funding and made dozens of presentations to investors. He serves as Executive Chairman of the Board of Smart Energy Instruments, Chairman of the Board of N-Dimension Solutions, and Senior Advisor to LocalGrid Technologies. He has previously served on the Boards of Tantalus Systems, Nanosteel, and SCR-Tech/Coalogix. He has been a senior consultant to the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). Dom has a Ph.D. and B.E. from University College, Dublin, Ireland, and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University, CA.

SGiX's Senior Advisory Board

120x140 scott_ungererScott Ungerer is Managing Partner and Founder of EnerTech Capital Partners. He is currently serving on the Governing Board of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Venture Capital Advisory Board. He is Chairman of The NanoSteel Company, and has served on the Boards of The Current Group, Comverge, and Coalogix. He was President/COO of Atlantic Energy Enterprises, a non-regulated subsidiary of Atlantic Energy, a public utility. He was General Manager, Strategy and Business Development in Atlantic Energy.


Jeff ByronJeff Byron is Vice-Chairman of the Cleantech Open National Board. Previously he was VP, Integrated Solutions at NRG Energy, and before that he served for five years as a Commissioner at the California Energy Commission. Jeff has a long history working in the electricity sector at Calpine, Enerwise Technologies, Oracle (as utilities director), and EPRI. Jeff has B.S./M.S. degrees from Stanford University, CA.



Bob Wayland photoRobert (Bob) Wayland is Lecturer on the Economics of Business at the Harvard Extension School. Previously, he was Vice President of Mercer Management Consulting's utility practice for 18 years. He was Chief Economist at the Ohio Public Service Commission. His work in asset and yield management led to authoring (with Paul Cole) "Customer Connections: New Strategies for Growth" (Harvard Business School Press), an early application of yield management concepts to customer relationships.


Chuck Sathrum PhotoCharles (Chuck) Sathrum is an experienced energy industry marketing and business development executive. He has worked at Elster Solutions -- one of the leading AMI and Smart Grid applications providers, in the North Carolina Energy Office managing energy efficiency programs, as Vice President in Metering Technology Corporation -- an advanced metering technology developer, and as Director of Sales at Whisper Corporation, one of the earliest wireless AMI companies in the U.S.


Technical/Industry Resource

Dan Rastler photoDan Rastler generously provides power industry input to SGiX. He is currently Manager, New Initiatives Energy Storage and Distributed Energy Resources at EPRI. Dan is a seasoned R&D Program and Business Development Manager with 30 years of experience in managing investments in high technology alternative energy companies. Dan conceived, developed and grew EPRI’s distributed energy program from the early 1980s onwards. He is a world-recognized authority on energy storage technology, distributed generation, and alternative clean energy technologies, including their applications, markets, and business opportunities.


Customized Business Case Services

Dr. Geraghty also provides customized consulting services off-line related to the development and analysis of SG-related business cases – see here.

History Motivates!

Dom Geraghty has observed with mounting frustration the business miscues in the Smart Grid sector, a sector where he has spent the majority of his career.

Observing the emergence of the extraordinary capabilities of Web 2.0 and being aware of the treasure-trove of experts and information already existing in the Smart Grid sector, it seemed obvious to him that the time was ripe to develop a collaborative environment that can release the gridlock restricting the adoption of beneficial Smart Grid applications.

Do You Want to Be More Involved?

Do you believe in what we are doing to accelerate Smart Grid 2.0 applications? Do you feel that you'd like to contribute to our mission beyond active collaboration? Let us know, we're flexible - there's a lot of work to be done, and we really could use some help!