How Can SGiX Serve the Smart Grid Community Better?

We aspire to be your community. We are interested in your feedback – suggestions and criticisms are both welcome. Some praise goes a long way too!

We have assessed what we think is needed in our Smart Grid community, and designed our solution (“SGiX”) based on that assessment, i.e., a kind of self-steering. Your feedback will complete a feedback loop to our steering control. We can use it to improve our responsiveness and help us modify our design to grip the road better and come out of any unexpected hair-pin turns in better shape. Not that we are asking for a passenger-seat driver, though….

Here’s how we’d like to set expectations: the first six months will be somewhat experimental, as we adjust to the community’s needs, and overcome the inevitable few “bugs”. Please bear with us!

Now, to your suggestions – these can be typed into the comment box below. Examples of areas that would be helpful to us follow.

Additional Smart Grid 2.0 Business Cases?

Suggestions for additional business cases and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Possible General Improvement Topics

These could cover our process approach, platform, web-site lay-out and content, on-line applications, collaboration approach, ease-of-use, personalization tools, usefulness for entrepreneurs, business case approach, archives, duplicative information, long-windedness, and/or the open source approach.

Barriers to Your Participation and Ways to Overcome Barriers

These could include level of e-readiness, lack of time or too much time needed to participate (despite our claimed productivity enhancement), confidentiality issues, corporate resistance, value or trust-worthiness of the information, objectivity, registration requirement (despite our privacy, no-direct-marketing policy, and “opt-in”-only subscriptions to our site’s URL), and/or membership requirement for accessing private projects and internal business cases.

Additions to Our Fun Page

Go ahead, smell the roses......"Your way begins on the other side/Become the sky/Take an axe to the prison wall/Escape/Walk out like someone suddenly born into color/Do it now!" (Rumi  -- 1207 to 1273 A.D.)

Some General Suggestions

These could involve other services that might be useful, activities that are the most valuable, incentives for participation/contributions/new ideas, unpublished information that you can provide, web-site design, process management help (voluntary!), affinity partners, and/or the reasonableness of our monetization plan to cover operating expenses (currently, but not immediately, we plan to charge a modest membership fee to access private parts of the site, and to have selective and sparse banner/clickable advertising).

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