Ongoing and New Business Cases

SGiX has drafted Smart Grid 2.0 business case commentaries and supporting archive material for its proposed first five Business Cases.

We invite smart grid professionals to work with us to develop state-of-the-art business cases, working from the materials initially synthesized by SGiX.

To launch our process, we have chosen two Smart Grid 2.0 Business Cases to collaborate on in parallel -- as we accumulate experience and initiate follow-on projects, we will adjust the number of parallel efforts to maximize productivity of the site and our smart grid community.

The initial five Smart Grid 2.0 Business Cases are as follows:

1. Is the Smart Grid Gridlocked? (ongoing) -- this is a foundational market analysis, focusing particularly on the barriers to adoption, and its "learnings" will likely be applied to all of our subsequent business cases.

2. Cyber-Security Attack on a Regional Power System (ongoing) -- this is a high visibility concern, but the business opportunity is difficult to define.

3. Distributed Storage (upcoming) -- there is increasing interest in defining and delivering the benefits of distributed storage.

4. Short-term Wind Forecasting (upcoming) -- a number of companies have been providing wind forecasts to the power sector for a considerable period of time. Better predictions of short-term wind can provide operational benefits as well as arbitrage opportunities.

5. Magnets Using Less Rare Earth Elements (upcoming) -- periodically, SGiX will identify early-stage entrepreneurial opportunities -- this is one of those; while there are a number of development efforts underway to reduce the amount of rare-earths used in permanent magnets, the business opportunity is still is still wide open.

Suggestions for new Business Cases can be posted in the comment box below or on our Suggestions page, and we will add these to our working list of candidate business cases.

Customized Business Case Services

Dr. Geraghty also provides customized consulting services off-line related to the development and analysis of SG-related business cases – see here.

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