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Thank you for your well wishes for my new endeavor: I enjoy your blogs, as do many of my colleagues.

If I may, I’d like to correct a few misconceptions in your piece above:

Our “moniker” – SmartGridiX or SGiX for short (which you deemed “odd” but our followers find quite rational, if not natural) – combines the two essential ingredients necessary for creating an automated, intelligent power system – the infrastructure (iX), and the smart grid (SG) applications that sit on top of it. is not an association – it is a platform. I fully agree with you that we do not need another association – the existing ones do a great job delivering value to their members.

We are also not a clearinghouse, a forum, an advocacy association, or a standards association.  We find government-funded sites to be useful sources, but their tendency is to omit business and market considerations from their evaluations. The other organizations to which you refer rarely, if ever, include the perspectives of an entrepreneur or investor, although they do some fine, and much appreciated work.

So what is different about

After developing new companies in the SG sector since 1995, I founded because I had become increasingly frustrated with the slow adoption of smart grid systems, largely due to the limited availability of quality smart grid business cases. The resources and wherewithal to improve the business cases are available: our colleagues - thousands of experienced smart grid professionals, a vast amount of published and unpublished information (developed at considerable expense, but of mixed quality), and proven on-line collaboration technology. brings all that together.

Our most significant differentiating factor is our focus on deliverables – each dialog has an end-goal: we engage the SG community in creating better business cases for key opportunities either identified by us or our colleagues. We reach the deliverable by curating, analyzing and presenting relevant information to launch dialogs, integrating the community’s comments into our dialogs, always building on the information step-by-step, with the pledge that we will deliver a new, improved business case in a standard format at the end of the process.

I invite you and others to participate. Just visit to review the business cases under development and engage in the dialogs.

Dominic Geraghty, PhD

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