Building the New SG 2.0 Infrastructure (II) – Six Conditions for Success

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Dominic Geraghty


Mr. Can-Do: “So, we need to build a communications iX (infrastructure) using already available, mature technology to enable SG 2.0 applications? OK, let’s get on with it.”

Hold on a second, Mr. Can-Do -- it’s a little more complicated than that -- we need to juggle a few more balls.

Success is not just about the technology – to make the transition to SG 2.0, we need to get six conditions right:

(1) Technology (engineers)

(2) Standards (SGIP, and other standards development bodies)

(3) Economics (business cases by corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors – SGiX’s “deliverables”)

(4) Capital/financing (private investors, public investment)

(5) Regulatory and market structure (the regulators, legislators, and policy-makers), and

(6) Consumer education and support (marketing communications)

The first success condition, technology, has been studied the most -- in terms of developing viable business cases, we need for the other conditions to get caught up to this first success condition.

In the build-up to defining these success conditions, we posted the “Is The Smart Grid Deadlocked?” dialog, and presented a new, standardized definition of the SG that differentiates it from the power system iX, folding in some public and private comments that we received from the SG community.

The new standardized definition will be the context within which we develop SG 2.0 business cases at

Thanks to commentators and private e-mailers for their collaboration in the above effort.

We have subsequently posted a new dialog on the technology success condition, point (1) above.

In a series of follow-up dialogs, we will discuss other individual SG 2.0 success factors. We invite your comments, as always.

Mission reminder: SGiX has a different mission from other SG web-sites. Please see here our response to Jesse Berst’s blog at where we explain how we are different. We are focused on creating pre-defined deliverables step by step through an on-line collaboration of the SG community. The deliverables are individual business cases for SG 2.0 applications that span the SG value-chain.

One thought on “Building the New SG 2.0 Infrastructure (II) – Six Conditions for Success

  1. Pat Corrigan

    I propose that you start by defining who the real stakeholders are and then determe to what extent they define value. This may vary by utility type or market. Heightened criticism around many IOU effots is due to a lack of concern for important stakeholders and their concept of value.
    Once you define the stakeholders and get a sense of their concept of value, the success vectors will be more apparent. Things like standards and technology are tools to help us move in the right direction along the success vectors.


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