There exists a vast amount of published and unpublished information about Smart Grids, some very high quality, some very detailed, some summary, some hard-to-find, some advocacy-laden, much of it duplicative, some even incorrect, and almost all of it uncurated because broad-based curation is simply too over-whelming from a resources and logistics perspective. Reviewing it can be confusing, and synthesizing it is very difficult because one finds oneself comparing apples to oranges.

Business Case (BizCase) Categories

SGIX breaks this information down into digestible chunks, via business case categories. And we complete the first step of the quality control process through our reviews. We ask our Smart Grid community to complete the second quality control step over the course of each business case evaluation -- in fact, we expect that this will likely happen by default.

Quality Control

In our Archives, our goal is to provide high quality business, market and technology intelligence, rather than creating a "digital landfill". As a result, there will be many sources that we will not cite. We are not trying to be comprehensive, but targeted. All references are reviewed by SGIX before posting here. We will select the most pertinent, in our view, to the task on hand. We use "up-to-dateness", as well as references addressing information "gaps", as our secondary screening criteria.

General Archive

We have a small General Archives resource, which we try to keep tidy since it is tempting to use it as an attic space. In it we include non-business-case-specific information related to the Smart Grid, such as definitions and surveys.

The rest of our Archive is categorized by business case topic.

BizCase Challenges

First, we provide a link to "BizCase Challenges" document related to the Archive's target business case topic. This is a "living" document that covers a subset of key challenges in developing a viable business case.


For each business case archive, we select our "top 5" (or so) references, those we deem to be the "Best of the Best".

We think of the "Best of the Best" as a portfolio of "one-day course materials" that contains sufficient information to come up to speed on the basics of what is known about a particular business case.

In addition to the "top 5", we offer other references that we consider useful.

Advocacy Documents

We will include, but may "tag", advocacy-laden sources of information that present pertinent information pertinent to our business cases, because stakeholder positions very often constitute business considerations that must be taken into account when evaluating business cases.

Community-Suggested Additional References

We know that we will fail to find some valuable pockets of information. However, this is the beauty of the community approach -- part of the value of bringing our community together is that some of you will be aware of important additional published and unpublished information sources that are not presented here.

Therefore, we issue a standing solicitation to all members of the Smart Grid community - please suggest additions to our archive in the comment box below or directly to us (link contact page) (provided, of course, that we can publish them on the site without violating any copyright). These can take the form of reports, papers, presentations, surveys, analyses, and/or data sets, for example.

All contributions will be accredited by SGIX.

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