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Best References

Cost of the Smart Grid:

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References Related to July 1, 2013 Dialog: "How Do You Spend $400 Billion  (on the SG)?- Part I"

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References Related to July 14, 2013 Dialog: How Do You Invest $400 Billion? Part II: The CEO of the SG Develops a Budget Forecast

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References Related to July 21, 2013 Dialog: How Do You Invest $400 Billion? Part III: Critical Planning Assumptions

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Rate-Case-Generated Benefit/Cost Analyses of Smart Grid Infrastructure Investments:

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Surveys of the Smart Grid Market:

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Energy Infrastructure:

Interview of Laura Ipsen, SVP, Cisco, by smartplanet: "Smart grid success requires infotech, energy tech savvy", by Andrew Nusca, July 12, 2010

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Smart Grid-Caused Power System Instabilities

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Other References

"Smart Grid Costs Hard to Recover, Utilities Say", Jeff St.John's blog, GreenTechMedia, June 2012

IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter: "Impasse Over Cost Recovery Stymies Grid Modernization in Illinois", November 2012 "Judge Backhands ComEd, Which May Be Forced to Install Smart Meters", November 27, 2012

Mercom Capital Group: "Smart Grid VC Funding Shows Signs of Life", Q4, 2012

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