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Best References

Energy Storage Benefits and Costs:

Sandia Report: "Energy Storage for the Electricity Grid: Benefits and Market Potential Assessment Guide", Jim Eyer et al., Fenruary 2010

EPRI Report: "Benefit Analysis of Energy Storage: Case Study with Sacramento Municipal Utility District", 2011, Report #: 1023591 (private communication)

OGE, Analysis of Renewables Integration, 2011 (private communication)

Related EPRI White Paper: "Electricity Energy Storage Technology Options", Dan Rastler, December 2010

Mark Rawson (SMUD), "Panel 3: Utilities' Perspective of Energy Storage", 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report, Committee Workshop on Energy Storage for Renewable Integration, April 28, 2011, Sacramento, CA

EPRI Presentation: "Energy Storage System Costs - 2011 Update -- Executive Summary", Dan Rastler et al.

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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, DOE: "Energy Storage for Power System Applications: A Regional Assessment for the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP)", April 2010 -- includes chapter on "Arbitrage Opportunities for Energy Storage"

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, DOE: "The Role of Energy Storage with Renewable Electricity Generation", January 2010

KEMA PIER Report for California Energy Commission: "Research Evaluation of Wind Generation, Solar Generation, and Storage impact on the California Grid", June 2010

Rahul Walawalkar, "Critical Factors for Developing Economically Viable Electricity Storage Projects", Presentation, Storage Week, San Diego, CA, July 14th, 2009

Other References

Final Report, California Energy Commission (CEC) / New Power Technologies (NPT) / Southern California Edison (SCE) Project Using GRIDfast (December 2010)

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