Advanced Tools

Per the announcement on our Home Page, membership is limited to private assignments only. This is a contents page for our "Advanced Tools" for entrepreneurs, available when SGiX's membership program is instituted.

Advanced Tools for Entrepreneurs

When SGiX switches into its membership-supported mode, entry into some areas of the site with require registration. In that mode, examples of entrepreneurial tools that are available to registered members include the following:

Valuation calculators

Share price forecasting tool

Valuation "gap"-closing using an earn-out approach: analysis and example

Allocation of equity/capital structure examples, including options

Equity incentive programs

Detailed contents page for business plan

Detailed contents page for an Investor Presentation

Detailed contents and commentary for a term sheet

Sample template for a Letter of Intent to invest

Due diligence question listing

Income, balance sheet, and cash flow forecasting spreadsheet

Customized Business Case Services

Dr. Geraghty also provides customized consulting services off-line related to the development and analysis of SG-related business cases – see here.

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