Additional Business Cases

Additional Business Case Candidates for Collaborative Analysis

We realize that not all of the initial Business Cases will be of interest to all members of the smart grid community. We have developed a list of other possible Smart Grid 2.0 Business Cases (see an excerpt below), but rather than pre-judge market needs and interest-levels, we would prefer if members of the smart grid community confirmed interest or suggested other possible Business Cases that would benefit from collaborative work, including entrepreneurial opportunities.

It is our intention to post a composite ongoing list of potential Business Cases by integrating our existing list with members' suggestions. We will then provide an on-line voting application to allow members to vote their priorities.

Possible New Smart Grid 2.0 Business Cases for Collaborative Analysis

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Advanced Demand Response Applications
  • Cost Allocation for Transmission Lines
  • Advanced Power System and Market Simulation Software
  • Yield Management Approach for Utility Asset Management
  • The Business Case for Synchrophasors
  • FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System)Technology
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
  • High Return Distribution Automation Applications
  • ........Other Suggestions from the Smart Grid Community?

Suggestions for new Business Cases can be posted in the comment box below or on our Suggestions page.

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