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Control, Automation, and Optimization of Frequency Spectra in the Future

Dom Geraghty

To eliminate undesirable harmonics in power lines, active harmonic filters are deployed. In effect, these filters cancel out undesirable harmonics that damage equipment by creating, in real-time, equal and opposite wave forms, similar to the principle of noise cancellation in airplane earphones.

This author is writing a book on another aspect of harmonics related to the Internet of Things (IoT), focused on the future control, automation and optimization of auditory frequencies, including music. The book draws on a multi-millennia history of harmonics, involves a west European town in an ongoing transition to a "smart town" using an IoT network with distributed control, and proposes a dynamic frequency cloning technology application.

The application requires the development of an advanced, very finely tuned, real-time resonator that targets ultra-narrow frequency bands within auditory spectra. Usually resonance is something to be avoided, but for this application resonance is sometimes deliberately created. More on this in future posts.

The book will be available in early 2018.

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