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Join other stakeholders worldwide in developing viable business cases for Smart Grid IIoT*. Learn from the successes and failures of Smart Grid 1.0, and work with us to accelerate the transition to Smart Grid IIoT*.                   *IIoT is the Industrial Internet of Things

SG IIoT Logo Powerpoint 10.12.15NEW!:  Introducing the “Smart Grid National Necessity” Series

The SG National Necessity Series analyzes and discusses key steps in the transition of the power system to the Smart Grid (SG) - a unique, strategic set of perspectives.

Each Part in the Series provides facts and detailed quantitative analyses of various aspects of the transition:

  • Part I --  the SG can fully resolve and counteract the unintended impacts of contemporary energy and regulatory policy initiatives and achieve proposed national goals for the electricity sector
  • Part 2 -- the SG is the electricity sector’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Part 3 -- actual development of the SG IIOT is like the creation of a crazy quilt as opposed to a coordinated “grand plan”
  • Part 4 -- starting with situational awareness through smart sensors, a “stack of benefits” can be created for each SG IIoT application
  • Part 5 -- grid modernization can be implemented for net-zero capital cost on the basis of prioritized business cases, selective deployment, and enabling regulatory incentives
  • Part 6 – will present some unique, as-yet undeployed, SG IIoT applications
  • Parts 7, 8, 9, and 10 will cover regulatory incentive initiatives, highest-value SG IIoT applications, a national strategy for the transition to the SG IIoT, and SG investment strategies for early-stage high-technology, entrepreneurial companies, respectively

Heads-Up: Dr. Geraghty has recently completed a major year-long project focused on an acquisition in the Internet of Things (IoT) segment of the power sector. The acquisition doubles the size of the acquiring company and creates a potential industry-leading power quality and power efficiency company. See here. He is now working on several transactions related to the IoT of the power sector that involve growth-related acquisition sourcing and liquidity exits for high technology companies. Also, see the biz case dialog tab here for news on Dr. Geraghty's new book project on harmonics and his planned Monograph integrating the Smart Grid Necessity Series of unique white papers above (excerpts can be accessed from the links in the sidebar of the biz case dialog tab here).

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 Customized Business Case Services, Valuations, Investor Pitches, Due Diligence

Dr. Geraghty also provides customized consulting services off-line related to the development and analysis of SG-related business plans and investor presentations -- current projects include storage/PV system optimization, cybersecurity intrusion detection systems, SG in the IIoT context, advanced water metering, power network management software, synchrophasor applications in distribution systems, distribution system SG applications, SG visualization software, benefit/cost of SG interoperability - for contact information, see here.

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Special Announcement on Access/Membership

Most of the content of our SGiX web-site is public, and will remain so. For the present, membership is limited to private projects only - current private projects involve smart grid sensor analytics, grid cybersecurity, the SG IIoT, SG strategic drivers, distributed intelligence systems for the SG, and real-world interoperability for SG applications. Examples of membership content are presented in the Members menu.